About us

Who we Are

Cait Crafted: Confections Corp. was established in July 2016, by Cait, and her mother, Kelly. From 2016-2018, Cait Crafted: Confections Corp. operated in farmer’s markets, events, and trade shows, etc. 



In June of 2018, Cait and Kelly had their dream come true, when Cait Crafted: Confections Corp. was able to open their very own storefront, in Calgary, Alberta.

Meet Our Dream Team

After beginning her study in pastry arts, Cait realized she didn’t just love eating chocolate, she also loves making it! Chocolate snob, creative genius, and an okay daughter to Kelly!


Lead chocolatier. Creative Director/ Branding Manager

Kelly was a banker for most of Cait’s life, but she always dreamed of being a pastry chef. Once Cait started  studying pastry, the wheels in Kelly’s Head started to turn! Kelly is not only the brain of their operations, she has also grown into an excellent chocolatier!


Managing Partner. Chocolatier. 

Wind beneath Cait’s wings. 

Allergens Information

Please note that we use the following major allergens on site:

soy, wheat, eggs, sesame seeds, sulphites on sitE


We do not have any DIRECT tree nut or peanut products in our facility or in our products, as Cait  has a severe allergy to tree-nuts. While we do not use any tree nuts, or peanuts in our products, there is always a chance of cross contamination in some of the ingredients we use. (IE: Our chocolate gets processed at a plant that also processes tree-nuts) . Therefore, our products may contain traces of peanuts and tree-nuts. 



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