Ingredient Philosophy

“Chocolate should be a whole enriching experience, not just a quick snack!”

-Cait Gerber

At Cait Crafted: Confections, we know that in order to have an amazing product, you need to start with outstanding ingredients. Cait has worked hard to hand pick every one of of these ingredients, ensuring that each one would exceed her vision of excellence.

We use a beautiful range of top quality chocolates; ones that are silky, indulgent, and satiating.  Cait views theses chocolates she chooses to work with as the main character in each creation, to which she adds playful side characters to highlight, challenge, and enhance every individual flavour involved in her craft.

Cait firmly believes chocolate should be a whole experience, not just a quick snack, and as such Cait has gone out of her way to assure of a beautiful experience for every one of her customers. We at Cait Crafted: Confections have worked hard to ensure only the most enriching, memorable, and influential flavours are involved in your  taste experience, and we will continue to innovate on new flavour combinations to keep your experience novel and enjoyable.